DataXtend RE (DXRE)


DataXtend RE (DXRE) enables enterprises to distribute data from existing enterprise databases to remote offices and mobile workers, providing corporate-level quality of service all the way to the “edge” of the enterprise where connectivity may be intermittent or unavailable.

Features at a glance:

  • Bi-directional replication – with support for site-specific data sets.
  • Dynamic data slicing architecture – lets you provide only the data a site needs, minimising network traffic.
  • Dynamic bandwidth-managed partner selection – automatically manages network balancing.
  • Transparent recovery model – eliminates the need for managing log files manually.
  • Collision avoidance methodology – lets you tailor policies that accommodate the unique requirements of your application.
  • Heterogeneous database support – lets you deploy the same application on database management systems from multiple vendors.
  • Advanced scheduling and intelligent replication – optimises network efficiency and security.

DXRE provides essential capabilities for managing distributed databases, whether your enterprise needs simple data replication or a complete synchronisation solution. With DXRE, users don’t have to be connected to a network to access data. Remote offices with limited or variable bandwidth and mobile users with limited periods of connectivity can both obtain the same quality of service levels, optimised performance and lower management costs as those in the corporate office.

DXRE enables companies to manage data across multiple sites, geographies, platforms, or database management systems, through its unique patented technology for two-way, read-write replication of databases. The DXRE distributed enterprise is managed centrally but all distributed databases are synchronised transparently with the central servers. This makes deploying and supporting distributed applications as cost effective as web-based applications but without the network limitations associated with accessing a centralised server and database.

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