Helping retail stores operate effectively

Founded in 1980, Radiant Systems – previously known as Synchronics – was formed specifically to provide retailers, wholesalers, and mail-order companies with a new breed of point-of-sale software that would help them more effectively run their operations.


The company’s flagship solution, CounterPoint™, is a tightly integrated software application that provides point-of-sale, order processing, inventory management, purchasing, customer tracking, receivables, ecommerce capabilities, labelling, apparel, credit-card processing, and e-mail for retail and wholesale businesses worldwide. Radiant Systems maintains a channel of 300 authorised dealers, who provide local service and support to thousands of retailers.

Maintaining a competitive advantage

For a retailer, ensuring that store systems at every location are constantly up and running is essential. Processing purchases, customer requests, and inventory tracking rely upon software for key operations. And for retailers with more than one location, centralized software and data architectures can place store workers at risk during network slow-downs and outages resulting in lost revenue and poor customer service.

For a company developing retail software, the ability to distribute data to retail locations becomes critical, as it presents a solution for keeping individual stores operating independent of persistent connectivity to the retail chain’s central offices.

Radiant Systems realised that synchronisation was going to be critical to the long-term success of the CounterPoint product line. The question – do they build it themselves or do they look for a third-party solution? For Radiant Systems, the debate was a difficult one, due to the exact combination of capabilities they were looking for.

“Initially, building these capabilities ourselves seemed to be our only option,” said Jeff Goldstein, president of Radiant Systems. ”In all my years in this business, I wasn’t aware of a system that could deliver the synchronisation capabilities we were looking for. We didn’t think we had another option.”

Ensuring long-term success with DataXtend RE

That was before Goldstein was introduced to DataXtend RE. “It was incredible, actually. We were ecstatic to learn that all the key capabilities we needed in a database replication product were found within DataXtend RE. It even included some things we hadn’t thought of,” said Goldstein.

From the start, DataXtend RE lived up to its promise. “We were able to configure the system to fit our technology and data with relative ease, without twisting any of our applications,” Goldstein said. More importantly, DataXtend RE made replication faster and more seamless than anything Radiant Systems’ customers had previously experienced. That’s because DataXtend RE only replicates the information that actually changes. So now, retailers can synchronise as frequently as they need to, whenever they need to, without disruption—whether it’s over a WAN or over a telephone line.

Moreover, those individual retail locations can operate independently, with the highest degree of fault tolerance. Even if they lose a connection to the hub, they can continue to function without a problem.

Plus, DataXtend RE supports and leverages one of CounterPoint’s strongest selling points – the ability to customise. CounterPoint lets customers change the fields and screens so that they can track the information that is most relevant to their businesses. DataXtend RE can easily adapt to the new fields and can allow that information to quickly traverse all of the various sites.

A clear advantage

DataXtend RE technology has now been deployed at over 100 Radiant Systems customers. Goldstein credits the growth with the clear advantage that DataXtend RE gives Radiant Systems over other point-of-sale vendors.

“When we’re dealing with large retailers that maintain internal IT shops, DataXtend RE gives us a distinct edge over other solutions. The IT staff immediately recognises the value of these capabilities, and they understand how it will positively affect the level of support they can provide to individual locations.”

For Radiant Systems’ customers, the results are compelling. For example, one Radiant Systems customer maintains individual retail locations that are actually the sales reps’ laptops. With DataXtend RE, all of the information between those laptops can be easily synchronised so that these reps are all working off of the same data. Even Radiant Systems’ resellers are singing the praises of the new DataXtend RE-enabled application. Now, they too can enjoy the competitive advantages that faster, easier, and more seamless replication offers.

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