USTRANSCOM extends contract with DXSTRO

Dec 15, 2014

The United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) has extended its contract to use DataXtend RE (DXRE) as a back-up for its central enterprise-wide database.

“We are delighted that USTRANSCOM has decided to take out a new support contract for DXRE, which is testament to the critical back-up role the software plays within the organization,” said Steve Driver, managing director of DXSTRO. “DXSTRO understands the needs of customers when it comes to data back-up replication. We have proven experience working with international companies who frequently encounter problems keeping remote sites up-to-date with essential data due to geographic remoteness and poor communication links. We have recently created a new roadmap for the product to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining and further developing the product in the long term.”

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